Looking to Build?

Are you looking to build?

We want to make your dream home come true!

We would love to sit down and hear your vision, walk you through our showroom and discuss with you custom options all here at our design center in Cedar Bluff!


Before we get to that exciting consultation session, here are a couple questions to ask!

1. Do you have house plans?

2. Have you been approved for a loan?


If your answer to both of those questions is "YES" then it's time to schedule your planning session!
Call us at 276-963-8946 or email us at info@twinenterprisebuilders.com!


If your answer to either of those questions is "no" then here are some steps to get you moving:

1. Estimate $100-$125/squarefoot. This does not include land, grade, driveway, well, septic, etc.

2. Decide on the monthly payment amount you are looking for and contact the lender to calculate the total loan amount.

3. Get pre-approved by the lender for that amount and divide that loan amount by $100 to get square footage estimate.

4. Look for plans with that square footage.

5. Call us to schedule your planning session!

Click HERE for a mortgage calculator!


Businesses to Browse

Another way to get started early is to take a look through these websites of companies we partner with. These are all companies that we find to hold quality products. Follow these links to browse selections and find preferences.